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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pollen And The Ring of Harmony by Francis T. Perry Williams

Pollen is a message of hope. Earth is depicted as the worst of Al Gore’s nightmares with a cynical attitude toward the environment. Pollen is an enlightened being who hopes to determine if Earth is worth saving from destruction.

In some ways this book seemed a simplistic rehashing of the “green” politics. I don’t think it is positioned as a Young Adult novel but it would work well with that age group. I found myself chuckling over the author’s sense of humor. A logger named Saul Runyan is a good example of William’s humor. The points Williams wants to make are painted with a very broad brush. There is no subtlety to the message. Considering that our environment is in a sorry state, perhaps it is too late for subtle and we need to get hit in the head to see reality. Williams also clearly shows he has a strong faith in the humanity of his fellow man. I liked the story, the interaction between the characters and the message. Pollen has the ability to bring the best out of a motley bunch.

I’m afraid that the message may be seen as pure science fiction rather than a needed wakeup call to the golden rule in human interaction and the environment.

I recommend it.

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