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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Texicans by Nina Vida

Nina Vida’s book is a character study of the variety of people who emigrated to Texas and formed the state. She shows the disparity between the newly arrived, the native Americans and the Mexicans. It is a tale of prejudice and perseverance.

I enjoyed the book. The central character Joseph Kimmel shows the strengths that define Texas and the flaws the define human nature. Kimmel’s basic dissatisfaction with life and his unrequited desires for a life that might have been are central to the books theme. Each major character is totally humanized by Vida. They don’t seem like characters in a book, they seem like real, live people. Katrin’s desire to be the best she could be was both inspiring and sad. It seems like a sequel is necessary to track the further lives of these people. It was compelling voyeurism.

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