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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Eight by Katherine Neville

The story seemed like one that Dan Brown and Sandra Brown might have collaborated to create. It is a study of mysticism and mysterious formulas, treasure, clues and a wealth of historic personages wrapped in emotional relationships. A mysterious, ancient chess set is the center piece of a frantic and fanatic hunt detailed in the 1790’s and the 1970s. Whosoever holds the chess set will rule the world, according to legend. The forces of good and evil have been striving to capture the board for a millennium.

Neville bounces back and forth from the 1790’s to the 1970’s without promoting a great deal of confusion. Her characterizations have depth, breadth and color. There are times where it appears she may have read a little too much Clive Cussler but the introduction of historic figures and preposterous chases is very entertaining. I’m not sure if there is an attempt to challenge the intellect but regardless, the book is a fun read.

I recommend the book and look forward to the sequel, "The Fire".

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