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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Hunted by Brian Haig

A frightening story of corruption and violence, Haig shows that lack of morals is not restricted to foreigners. A lurid story of corruption at the highest level in the “new” Russia, “The Hunted” showcases the KGB role in modern Russia. A young entrepreneur finds that democracy doesn’t truly exist when a mafia, KGB consortium conspires to steal his fortune. He discovers the corruption is as rampant in the USA as in his home country. The depths that politicians sink to further their own goals with out regard to human rights is depressing, especially considering the book is a fictional account of a true story.

Haig portrayed an ambitious, talented couple with compassion and interest. Alex and Elena would be likeable and interesting without the violent story line. The character development was superb. The story line was dismayingly frightening. There was a surreal feel about the story that suggested improbability. In historic perspective the story may have been less lurid than reality in the “new” Russia. The lack of concern by high officials in both governments for human rights was depressing. It put totally new perspective on the whole illegal immigrant debacle.

I enjoyed the book, I recommend it. It was unpredictable and depressing on occasion but it didn’t just hold my interest, it snatched it, grappled with it and squeezed it without mercy until I turned the last page.

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