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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

True Blue by David Baldacci

Baldacci introduces the Perry sisters in this new release. Beth Perry is the Chief of Police for Washington D. C. Mace Perry is an ex-con, ex-cop. The story revolves around Mace Perry striving to regain her badge and finding out who framed her. A government black operation intrudes on her search and threatens her life. The interplay between sisters adds interesting color.

I always find Baldacci hard to put down. This book is no exception; it makes it difficult to get to bed because you figure just one more page which of course turns into one or more chapters. The relationship between the sisters and between Mace and Roy provide a level of tension that fuels the plot. Baldacci spends some time depicting Mace’s character as this is obviously the start of a new series of book. The book has an intricate plot with apparent parallels to current events. It is a page turner.

I recommend the book and am dismayed that a sequel isn’t immediately available. I enjoyed it.

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