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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Murder On The Down Low by Pamela Samuels Young

When I read Buying Time I thought it was Ms. Young’s first book.  Apparently this story was her first. It is a tale of deceit and fear. On the down low refers to black men having sex with black men but not considering themselves as homosexual but as freaks. Hiding their behavior, these same men profess strong masculinity and infect their female sex partners with HIV. This tale of treachery and deceit leads to death and murder.
This is a topic that is bound to raise eyebrows. It is addressed frankly and with no holds barred. Ms. Young makes an appeal at the end of the book for more tolerance and understanding of the gay community and more help with those who are confused about their own sexual identity. The incidence of HIV in African-American and Latina women is appalling greater than the norm. Ms. Young suggests that a major mind set change is necessary for these women to accept responsibility for safer sex and to insist on testing for both themselves and their partners. The novel was interesting but is truly a side bar for the message.

There is a clear directive that vigilante behavior is counter productive and personal responsibility needs to be enhanced. I found the story and the message sobering. I thought a very volatile topic was handled tactfully while still expressing a very clear cautionary message.

I highly recommend the book.

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Cheryl said...

I have this book and will also be reading it for her tour. I can't wait, as I loved Buying Time.

ibpurpledragon said...


Look for my interview with Ms. Young on Feb.10, 2011 and her guest post on the Feb.13,2011.
She is quite an impressive person!