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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Guest Post by NeonSeon, author Life of Shouty: Good Habits

One of my friends told me Life of Shouty: Good Habits works well as a daily Meditation to center one's day and focus on the goals ahead. I haven't yet made that a part of my morning routine but I like the idea and sure could have used the book to read every day while I was writing the book. (Mental Möbius strip!)

When I wrote Life of Shouty: Good Habits, one of my main struggles was keeping a consistently clean home; a home where at any time, I was ready to accept guests and give them the grand tour. This habit goes back to age 6 or so when I'd throw clothes and toys on the floor. Imagine that! 

One of my worst habits started when I was very young.  Like most children, I had grand plans of growing up and doing x, y, and z, and I don't think I understood that unless I changed these bad habits, they would be part of my future plans, too. Imagine what reading Life of Shouty: Good Habits could have done to influence my thinking or behavior at a young age!

Art is often aspirational and writing Life of Shouty: Good Habits has set me on a path to overcome my bad habits while inspiring others, young and old, to do the same. Happy reading!

For more information about guest blogger and author/illustrator NeonSeon, And the Life of Shouty series, visit her website © NeonSeon 2011.

Thank you for your guest post!


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