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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Keys to the Kingdom by Senator Bob Graham

This book  is a frankly dismaying and terrifying look at the political intrigue surrounding our home land security.

The credentials of this author are beyond impeccable.   He states that this is a novelized form of events around and after 2001’s attack.  30 to 40% of the story is reputed to be factual which is why this book is so scary.

We are all aware of the Madoff’s of the world amoral people whose focus is strictly on what is in it for me.   Political power, wealth, prestige are all components of this book.  The desire to hang on to the perks of power seem to preclude human compassion and concern for the well being of both the nation and it’s citizens. 

I think the book will tap into the cynicism regarding politics that is sweeping the nation.   I have heard more than one person stating the conviction that they are going to vote against every incumbent in every election.  This is indicative of the disappointment in those who purport to represent the interests of their constituents. 

Tony Ramos is a likeable protagonist who is attempting to discover why a friend and mentor has been murdered.   That search leads to the pinnacles of corporate America, the halls of government bureaucrats and the palaces of supposed allies. The most dismaying aspect of this book is the sense that it is all too true. 

Senator Graham has crafted a true page turner that wasn’t as entertaining as it was compelling.   It is a commentary on the perfidy that infects those in power, regardless of whether it is political or business power. 

I don’t recommend this book so much as INSIST you read it.  If it doesn’t raise your eyebrows and furrow your brow, I will be shocked. 

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