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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson and Marshall Karp

Matthew Bannon, an aspiring artist, runs afoul of the Russian mob and some it’s most heinous contract killers. 

Say what you will about the formula aspects of Patterson’s work, I still love it.  I remember my first experience with an L-1 Vette, the slam of the gears and the sheer joy of the speed.   This book is reminiscent of that feeling.  With a pop of the clutch, you have difficulty breathing until that millisecond of air as you shift.   The characters were either exceptionally despicable or eminently loveable.  Sure it is a book of exclamation points but it is fun!  You are treated to a tour of the world, some dumps and some stellar spots.  

The comrade ship of the Marines was also likeable.  I’m lucky enough to have some Marines as friends, I am aware there are no ex-Marines, only those not currently on active duty.   Semper Fi sadly is not the hallmark of our nation any more but luckily there are still people out there who do their damndest to keep us honest and free. (In spite of the sewage like aspects of our elected officials, note I didn’t spare any political affiliation, sadly it seems like whatever stripe they claim, it all ends up on their back and they smell like skunks.)  However I digress but in all fairness, it is my blog and I’ll cry if I want to. (age related humor)

This is an exciting book, expect to devour it in several hours, it isn’t a book that needs a lot of pondering but it was darn good fun.

I highly recommend it.

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