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Monday, September 19, 2011

Silencing Sam by Julie Kramer

A nosy reporter finds herself more immersed in her stories than she had ever feared. 

This was a good mystery with clues evident at the conclusion but totally masked by plot and subterfuge.  Riley Spartz was likeable as the somewhat ditzy protagonist.   Her character was very real including her ineptness in personal relations.   I particularly enjoyed her interaction with her parents.

This was not a figure it out on the first page mystery.   Ms. Kramer kept you thinking through out the book.   The perspective on journalism was a tad harsh but played well with the plot.   The bad guys were thoroughly despicable but that was only discovered over the length of the story. 

The characterizations of the farm community rang true.  Outsiders are viewed with skepticism.  The whole story had an authentic feel with strong connections to current events. 

I recommend it. 

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