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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

South of Hell by P.J. Parrish

Parrish (or should it be Parrishes) have crafted another entertaining thriller.  Once again, Louis Kincaid a former cop who now is a P.I., is ensnared in OPP (other peoples problems).  These problems involve maturity, death, philandering, friendship, love and perhaps a tiny pinch of the occult.   

Louis’s friend Mel plays a very small part in this book.  His failing health saddens Louis.   Louis’s girl friend is going to run for sheriff in Michigan.  This driving of roots makes Louis aware of the widening rift with him and Joe.   A Michigan detective requests Louis’s help on a case.   It seems serendipitous to be paid to fly to Michigan so he incorporates his work and a reunion with Joe.   Louis’s journal to see Joe is in an area of Michigan where multi-racial affairs may be seen askew.  The reunion leads to his embroilment in not only an old murder but an even older murder. 

Amy and Lily, two children, share some similarities in their desire to reach their roots.   Louis finds a part of himself that he never knew he lost.  Joe discovers things about herself she never knew she had.   There were both touching and highly disturbing scenes in this book.  Overall, this was a better book than The Little Death Parrish book I read back in 2010.   

I recommend the book. 

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