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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blood Money by Doug Richardson

I have no idea if the movie the Magnificent Seven had a book but it if did, then this book had more blood than that movie.  Blood Money could be called Blood Fest.  This is a rampaging nightmare of psychoses or PTSD.  A gore depiction rather than a mystery may be an apt description. 

Sadly, I liked the book anyway.  The characters were not particularly likeable and the plot was subservient to the action.   Greg Beem was the main villain but in this book, villainy lacked clear definition.   No stone was unturned to discover the slime underneath.  Gonzo a female LAPD officer was the highlight and her character was never richly defined.  Lucky Dey was a seething muck of revenge and guilt who differed from Beem merely in a matter of degree. 

Law enforcement ranging from local cops, sheriffs and Federales are besmirched with the brush of infidelity to their oaths and their morals.  This author appears to distain everyone equally. 

If you like non-stop action filled with bullets, bodies and perfidy, this is the book for you.  It is intellectually uninspiring but it powers through your dismay with major infusions of testosterone fueled action.  

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