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Friday, April 12, 2013

Nothing to Lose by Lee Child

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I am brand new to Jack Reacher.   Hard to believe that I enjoy a genre this much and have not read anything by Lee Child.  For any others who haven’t read, Reacher is the consummate, self contained, enormously talented loaner whose insatiable curiosity and stubbornness lead him into difficulties only resolved by applied violence.   This tale takes place in a remote and lonely section of Colorado and the towns of Hope and Despair.  

Jack Reacher epitomizes stubbornness and orneriness.   Jack likes to get his own way and will not hesitate to knock heads to get it.   Knowing that the stories are outrageous to begin with helps to leaven the indestructible nature of Jack.   Reacher takes lumps that are even painful to read let alone experience.  

The plot of this book was sadly plausible and thusly a bit frightening.  Reacher’s Old Testament solution is aptly appropriate.

There is non-stop action and lots of violence.   I enjoyed the book and I  recommend the book.

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