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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Send In the Clowns by J. Gregory Smith

A Noble Cause was an improvement over Greg’s first book  Final Price as was Legacy of the Dragon over the previous novels.  I enjoyed all of them but this book was even better.   J. Gregory Smith is going to be a smashing success! 

Burly Paul Chang and his quirky sidekick Nelson are back.  This story is one of international terrorism, stalking and political intrigue.

Chang is still recovering from injuries from the previous story.   He is a complex character who is constantly battling his internal dragon.   Nelson’s character of the consummate nerd is equally likeable.  You find yourself seeing these two in people you know.  Greg does a great job with his characterizations. 

I found the story more colorful and delightfully complex with a cynical view of politicians and their overwhelming personal conceit.  Max as a villain was just about perfect.  The circus connection provided abundant color and sly humor. 

A good story, lots of action, likeable characters, what’s not to like?  Oh, and lest I forget, a terrific cover!  My only criticism of the book is that there should be a better back story.  New readers to the series may find themselves struggling a bit. 

J. Greg Smith is on track to be the next Lee Child.   Perhaps we could get Jack Reacher to meet Paul Chang, there would be some serious action in that meeting.   Greg, how about Unleash The Dragon?

I highly recommend this book!

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