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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

State V. Lassister by Paul Levine

In my review of Lassiter I described him as a pseudo-loser tough guy attorney, ex-pro-football player, loose cannon protagonist with the attitude of a rabid pit-bull.  I can’t say that I have changed my mind.  Lassiter has gone soft, has gotten a hot banker babe and is specializing in real estate.  Then the money hits the fan and everyone is sight is covered with excrement. 

Levine does a masterful job presenting Lassiter as a clueless jock who picks up on things slowly but surely.  Jake Lassiter’s sense of fair play and forgiveness is more than I could stomach.  I’m afraid if some of the things done to Jake had been done to me, I would be less forgiving.  Of course without his wily endurance and strength, I would have been dead after the first beating so it is truly a ridiculous comparison but… I’m the one writing the recommendation so I have “artistic licentious ” or in my case I like to “pun”ish my readers.   

Lassiter is likeable and a character that stands tall like Jack Reacher, Travis McGee or Spencer.   Levine’s only problem is he isn’t prolific enough.  I want more Lassiter!

Levine does show a very cynical view of the justice system.  His plot is intricate but not confusing.  He moves the story at a good pace.  In short, I like the way he writes, I like his characters and I like the morality shown by the good guys.   

I highly recommend the book.   

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