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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ryder American Treasure by Nicholas Pengelley

The author looked at a contemporary world situation, the conflicts in the Middle East, and offers reasons for it's existence and a possible solution in the book, Ryder.  This book is more of a urban Indiana Jones with references back to the previous book.   This book stands alone just fine though.

Ayesha Ryder is a protagonist of deep feelings.  She has great regrets, great angers and a love that will forever be unrequited.  Lady Madrigal, a beautiful but elderly former operative serves as a mentor and resource for Ryder.  

The sack of Washington in 1812 as well as the missing Ark of the Covenant provide fodder for this complex mystery.   The enemy opposing a reunited Middle East returns to plague Ryder as well as aspiring U.S. politicians.   The story takes place in and about London once again. 

I highly recommend.


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