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Monday, August 10, 2015

Rogue Goliath by John R. Monteith

This is the seventh  novel in a series of naval action thrillers. Here are links to my previous reviews: Rogue Crusader and then Rogue Avenger and finally Rogue Betrayer

This novel again pulls from the headlines of the world.  North Korea is once again the main villain in the story.  Jake Slate and Pierre Renard are hired to save a South Korean submarine.   Jake and Pierre are somewhat nefarious characters.  The previous books explain how they met and how a one time died in the wool patriot (Jake) became a mercenary. 

Jake is a troubled soul.  He is in need of anger management.   His anger stems primarily from an incident in one of the first books that seriously undermined is physical well being.   Since them Jake has struggled to find balance.  

This book seemed as much about Jake's mental state as it did in the submarine work.   Monteith gives an Aussie, Terry, almost equal billing with Jake.   Terry is the captain of the Goliath.  The Goliath, a hybrid warship,  is an intriguing ship and the use of a rail gun prompted me to Google it as a reality check.  I have read about them in SciFi but this was my first exposure to it in a near future scenario.  The link is for a video of the USN rail gun.

 The book read easily and held my interest.  There were intriguing concepts used that based on the author's biography suggest the concepts are feasible.

I recommend the book.

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