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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rogue Avenger by John R. Monteith

When I first read Rogue Crusader I’m stated that I wondered if the Navy was offering creative writing to it’s officers.  I am almost sure of it now.This is the first book in a continuing series.   Jake Slade, an U.S. naval officer is introduced.   He finds himself questioning his loyalty to his nation and to his ship.   He finds himself lying down with strange bedfellows in this naval thriller.

John Monteith does a nice job building characters.  I enjoyed this book for many reasons but mostly because it explains Jake Slade’s motivation and roots.   You can read the books out of order but I derive greater pleasure in reading them in order. (anal compulsive anybody?)  Jake’s character is angrier and more brittle in this book.  

The action is non-stop even as the characters grow.   Political expediency is explored in it’s treacherous and self serving mode.  The realities of the world seem to preclude loyalty and trust except in Monteith’s characters.   I was satisfied with the ending.  

This book doesn’t have the same polish as the third book.   It is nice to see an author honing their skills.   This book was good, the third one was better.   In some ways though, this seemed grittier and perhaps more realistic in portraying some of the more negative human emotions. 

This is the second John R. Monteith novel I have read and it was exciting and I recommend it.   BTW I can’t wait to read the next one.

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