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Friday, September 4, 2015

Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

I've read books from each of these authors separately and I have read books that they have collaborated together for the story.   Each are good separately but together they are excellent.   This story is a follow up to Relic but it  stands alone just fine.  Dapper FBI agent Pendergast is the only consistent re-occurring character I recall from their books.   Someone or something is preying on the "mole" people , the homeless who live in the labyrinth of tunnels that hide under NYC.   When a prominent socialite is a victim, everything changes.

Preston and Child are masters at creating scenarios that are simultaneously bizarre and plausible.   I found the references to the myriad tunnels under NYC highly intriguing enough so that I spent a fair amount of time online reading about this wide spread phenomenon. 

This book has plenty of action, social commentary and thought provoking plot lines to attract a wide variety of readers.

I highly recommend.

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