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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Due Justice by Diane Capri

This is a complex, character rich who dun'it.   The story is centered on a federal judge but not focused on her job but on her social and family life.   A notorious philander is murdered but motive seems to have been on a lost career in medicine.

Ms. Capri sets the scene in Tampa, Fl.   The descriptions are rich and knowing.   She creates a story that is fueled by relationships rather than actions.   Judge Wilhelmina Carson's motivations are laudable but you  shudder over her naïveté and occasionally her bull headed stupidity.   She brings new meaning to the phrase of  "fools rushing in".

The story had a complex plot that peripherally dealt with the breast enhancement industry and no it was not in any way, shape or form titillating!   The adage of following the money when dealing with  practically all nefarious activity held true but in a surprising way.

I enjoyed the book.

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