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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Book Swapping or FREE BOOKS-WhooHoo!

Years ago I had a dentist who was also a scifi/fantasy fan. Every time I went to the dentist I took a bag of books and if I had remembered to remind him, he would bring a bag of books and we would swap. Sheer Ecstasy (I know, get a life) would ensue and I felt like I had scored. Well finding kindred souls is always tough, my dentist moved and my current dentist isn’t a scifi fan. The web allows easier access to kindred souls so I thought perhaps I would start a book swap. After having a survey on my blog that no one responded to, I thought I’d do it myself. So at the top of the column on the right I offer to swap books for stuff. I have lots of computer related stuff that I will happily swap. So far no one has wanted to swap.

Then to my delight I found Paperback Swap. Not only do they swap paper and hard back books, they are already setup and I don’t have to do any work but register to use them. I am not putting a link here since I have their banner on the top left of the blog. Embedded in the banner is my email address which means if you sign up and post ten books I get a book credit. A FREE BOOK!
Meanwhile if you sign up and post 10 books your willing to swap, you get two book credits…TWO FREE BOOKS! Seems like a win, win kind of thing. So I am now a convert, I am posting books on the Paperback Swap site, I have already had someone who wanted one and I have mailed it. I also used up my two free book credits. Incidentally if you do sign up, if you put some money in their pbs account through credit card or PayPal your can print the mailing labels, postage paid and not have to make a special trip to the old Post Office.
I am sold, I think it is a great idea and I wanted to share it with you.

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