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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Horse Clan Series by Robert Adams

This is a long series in a post-holocaust world. I enjoyed it. Adams get a bit preachy at times. He may not have an agenda but you are definitely subjected to proselytization. Regardless they are enjoyable books and entertaining to read. I am always a sucker for telepathic animals. I always wondered what the heck my dog was thinking when he did that. It also amused me when she stuck her nose in inappropriate places and seemed to enjoy the discomfort it engendered. Since I wasn’t lucky enough to have a telepathic dog, I always enjoy stories with telepathic/intelligent animals.

Kind of search through the drift to find the Horse Clan Robert Adams

A good site for the horse clans.

These are the horse clan books I have read and I recommend them.
A Man called Milo Morai
A Woman of the Horse Clans
Bili The Axe
Cat of Silvery Hue
Champion of Last Battle
Coming of the Horse Clans
Death of a Legend
Friends of the Horse Clans
Horse Clan Odyssey
Horses of the North
Madman's Army
Memories of Milo Morai
Revenge of the Horse Clans
Savage Mountains
Swords of the Horse Clans
THe Clan of the Cats
The Patrimony
Trumpets of War
Witch Goddess


byetore said...

Oh, give me a break. Oh, watch out, this guys is "preachy". God forbid the reader would be too stupid to use their own discretion. I think your review too "preachy". What is he trying to proselytize people into atheism? Maybe you should revise Adam's books to be more politically correct.

ibpurpledragon said...

Thanks for the comment, it is always good to hear from a reader. You may want to note that my "reviews" are characterized as recommendations. I enjoyed the Horse Clan series and recommend it but...I also feel free to express my opinion. I defend Adams right to be as polictically incorrect (your assumption, not mine) as he desires, just as I defend your right to dislike my post and mine to post it. Thanks again for commenting, it is always refreshing to get a different point of view.