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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Intruders by Stephen Coonts

You may note that I generally like the book I am writing about. That is because I only write about the ones I have read and frankly why read something you don’t like. I liked “Flight of the Intruder” which is the prequel for this book better. Not that this is an entertaining book, it just wasn’t as entertaining. Coonts books are all high octane, peddle to the metal type of reading, full of manly men and womany women. (womany??) I have noted that friends of mine who happen to be either pilots or marines or god forbid both have a tendency to be a tad overblown macho wise. You’ll see a lot of that in this book. An entertaining read, hardly taxing, probably won’t make you ponder the inevitability of fate or anything but still worth reading.

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