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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Live Ship Traders Trilogy by Robin Hobb (a.k.a. Megan Lindholm)

This trilogy was the first of Robin Hobb’s work that I have read. It knocked my socks off. I couldn’t believe I had never read any of her work before. She tells a story that grabs you by the shorts and gives you an atomic wedgie. I jumped on the web and tracked down her Farseer Trilogy and loved it just as much. The Tawny Man Trilogy is the third work of hers that I admire. “Alien Earth” was published under Megan Lindholm. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the trilogies. I did find a page on the internet claiming to be her sentiment regarding blogging which she seems to feel is only for those who are not motivated or too lazy to write. I don’t know if it actually is her sentiments, if so I would beg to disagree. Perhaps a day to day diary may be indicative of a lack of interest in writing but I read a lot of blogs that are literature regardless of someone else’s opinion. However whether Robin Hobb actually believes that that Bloggers are the Vampires of the Internet, I still admire her writing, her skill and her ability to stir my emotions and intellect. I recommend her books.
The ones I have read:
Alien Earth
Assassin's Apprentice, The Farseer Trilogy #1
Assassin's Quest, The Farseer Trilogy #3
Fool's Errand, #1 Tawny Man Series
Fool's Fate, #3 Tawny Man Series
Golden Fool, #2 Tawny Man Series
Mad Ship, Liveship Traders Trilogy #2
Royal Assassin, The Farseer Trilogy #2
Ship of Destiny, Liveship Traders Trilogy #3
Ship of Magic, Liveship Traders Trilogy #1
This is an Amazon link to the body of work of Robin Hobb

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