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Monday, October 13, 2008

Deathstalker by Simon R. Green

Simon R. Green apparently has an enormous number of things he wants to say and his story line it truly empire inspired. This five hundred page book is the first of eight books dealing with the multigenerational Deathstalker family. If you can conceive of any type of bizarre being, mutant, esper, hero, alien, villain or setting it is probably in this book. Frankly I found it a bit much, too much glitz, too many weird things all together. On the other hand, I suspect he is just setting the stage for the next 4000 plus pages. I enjoyed the book in spite of my reservations. The valiant few anti-heroes facing the insurmountable forces of the galactic empire is always a good story line. The simplicity of the story line is enhanced or lost, depending on your opinion, by the frippery that is laid on with a heavy hand. Since I bought all eight books already, I have committed myself to read at least 1000 or so pages. The review on the next book should answer whether I read them all or put them back on a book swap. I recommend with the caveat that you prepare to be overwhelmed by entertaining minutiae.

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Review: I couldn’t find a review of this, his first Deathstalker book. Found lots of reviews on later books but nothing on this.

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