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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tips for a Troubled Economy

In these difficult financial times we need all the help we can get. The market is all over the place. People are frightened about their jobs and their retirement. Automotive sales are in the tank and the pundits are talking recession. What the heck is the average person supposed to do about these seemingly overwhelming problems.

Avoid panic is the first step. I also found a web site called
Creative Payment that has a wealth of tips on dealing with the financial crisis. It deals with thinks likd credit card debt which might seem like common sense but apparently isn’t. How many people do you know who have maxed out not one, two or three but more credit cards? They warn against teaser rates on credit cards, variable rates and many more topics.

I found tips on budgeting and buying correctly. As well as consolidating debts with a variety of ways to decrease your overall debt and interest payments. There are instructions on how to develop a debt to income ratio. The obvious suggestion that being the best employee your employer can hope for thusly insures that you are the last person laid off.

Making money draws attention to what may again seem obvious. If you have any cash, now is a terrific time to buy some stock. GE is not going to go belly up. Satellite radio isn’t going to go away. If you have the funds, you can really buy a lot of stock for a little money. The people who panic are driving the prices down to bargain basement levels.

The site informs of non-profit institutions that can help to address financial instability and warns against exorbitant fees. There are suggestions on how to consolidate student loans to better afford the payments.

Overall I found the site informative. A great deal of the information was simply common sense but having it consolidated in one site makes it easier to use. I didn’t find any sales pitches or use us kind of connection, nor did I find who sponsors the site. They don’t ask for any information or sign up so it seems like a pretty safe place to go if you are looking for some help in dealing with this troubling economy.

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