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Monday, May 18, 2009

Dirty Little Angels By Chris Tusa

Chris Tusa has crafted an milieu sure to create severe discomfort for most readers, perhaps even those who live in a similar situation. In a previous world, I occasionally came in contact with true sociopaths. Tusa's depictions are true to character for a case study in amorality. The story takes place in an altogether too real New Orleans slum populated by unlovable denizens. Their interactions to each other and their environment provide the fodder for this smoking gun. This isn't a comfortable reading experience. You are forced to acknowledge conditions and people exist that are beyond your own personal experience. Even a gesture such as bringing your sick mother flowers is called into question upon discovery that the flowers were stolen from a grave.

Mental illness layered with violence, jealousy and more rank pathologies than you can categorize surround the coming of age of 16 year old Hailey. Coming of age in this situation seems to imply dealing with your own angels and demons. Familial affection triumphs when sister sacrifices for brother.

All in all the book was well done and exceedingly hard to stomach. A slice of Americana that won't bring a smile to any face but may open some eyes.

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