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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Suicide Bombing is a Selfish Act

Many thanks to Avi Perrry, Author of "72 Virgins" for taking the time to do a guest post for us today.

In contrast to a common belief, one promoted by Islamic politicians and echoed by the western media, those who choose to end their lives as suicide bombers do not commit that atrocious act out of desperation. They carry out a mass killing of innocents with the aim of securing their place in heaven next to Allah’s throne. These people are brain-washed puppets, manipulated by cynical handlers and a promise of 72 virgins in Paradise as a reward for their act of martyrdom.

Many suicide bombers are well educated. Muhammad Atta, the 9/11 leader and mastermind, was a trained engineer. Most of his fellow killers had college education as well. They were not desperate people; they were merely brainwashed by extreme religious beliefs instilled in their brains via particular Koran verses.

The Koran is to religious Muslims what Hitler’s Mein Kampf was to Nazi Germans. Followers, fans and cult members view it as a holy book. They place their blind faith in every word and every concept put across these texts. Muhammd Atta was an educated man, but nevertheless, he was a cult member—member of al Qaeda. He was selfish. He did not sacrifice himself. He paved his way to his 72 virgins in Paradise through the blood and the suffering of thousands. And so are those Muslims who choose to kill their own Muslim brothers in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other Muslim countries. They don’t even bother to seek an enemy. Their murderous campaign is aimed at accidental strangers who have nothing to do with the suicide bomber’s “dispossessed” state. These murdered innocents are viewed by the murderer as instruments intended to pave his way to Paradise. That’s what he has been told; that’s what he believes.

Avi Perry, author of 72 Virgins—Countdown to a Terror Attack on US Soil.

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