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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unworthy, Star Trek Voyager by Kirsten Beyer

Once again the Trekkies head into action and danger. The Voyager heads into the dangers of the Delta Quadrant to face the Borg or is it Caeliar gestalt. The characters are the plot, the story is secondary.

Admittedly as I guy, I still find anything about 7 of 9 intriguing. The story seems like just a framework for the characters that populate the Voyager version of StarTrek. I am still a fan of Spock and Kirk and frankly never got the same rush from the Voyager crew. I think that fans of the Voyager version will enjoy the book. I don’t think it is a book that a non-trekkie is going to pick up. If you haven’t been in previous touch with the inhabitants of this version of StarTrek I suspect you won’t really care for the book. I saw nothing wrong with the craftsmanship or the plot, just too much depended on previous knowledge.

I recommend the book to practically any version of Trekkie. .

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