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Sunday, November 8, 2009

In the Heart of Darkness by David Drake & Eric Flint

Belisarius, a Roman general, goes to India to spy on the Malwa. His “magic” crystal informs him that the Malwa have their own “link” to the future. His adventures as a spy, turncoat and redeemer comprise the main plot line. The subplot of his wife, Irene the spymaster and Theodora the empress provide the corollary subplots.

Flint and Drake do a great job with heroes. They paint larger than life characters with noble characteristics. They also have no problem portraying strong, butt kicking female protagonists. I enjoy the empowerment of the female characters. The portrayal of ruthlessness as both positive and negative, depending on who is using it, causes one to ponder ethics in general.

I enjoyed the book, I recommend it. It is a good series and I intend to finish it.

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