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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Bavarian Gate by John Dalmas

Curtis Macurdy becomes involved in World War II, meets some new aliens, returns to Yuulith, comes back to Farside(Earth) and settles some issues. Between action events, Curtis gets married again.

Dalmas writes a good story. Curtis is likeable and accepts his extraordinary powers without any difficulty. I like the way he cares about individuals and agonizes over the need to be violent and yet steps up to the plate when necessary. In an afterword, Dalmas states he writes to entertain and he doesn’t feel it necessary to over-research a topic. I did read some criticism in regards to his lack of detail on military equipment. My thoughts are if he was writing a historical treatise on the precise nature of military equipment he would be more accurate. His lack of pretensions and pontificating are positively refreshing after the self serving arrogance shown by some authors.

I liked the book, I like the series and I recommend it.

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