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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer

A fast moving Intrigue set in Washington D.C. fraught with  treachery,  politics and unbridled loyalty.

Being overly fond of books I was delighted to see the major protagonist is an archivist in the National Archives.   Beecher White is not a man of action, more of a spectator than a participator in life when a female blast from his past, Clementine, storms into his life and turns it topsy turvey. 

The National Archives hold more than data, it holds secrets and those secrets prove deadly.    The characterizations are excellent and the personality quirks are believable and frustrating.   Political secrets are so believable because of all of the corruption and deceit we see in day to day real life in our elected officials.   The author’s premise is eminently believable.  

Meltzer did an excellent job and this book is right up there with Vince Flynn and David Baldacci, two of my favorite authors.  

I highly recommend the book.

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