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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tick Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

The two authors seems to thrive on bringing the psychopath and sociopath to the printed page.   A killer is recreating New York City’s most heinous crimes.  The big questions are what is the killers motivation and where or with whom will it stop.  

We met Michael Bennett in Worst Case.  

 Michael is a single parent and NY detective with a blended, multi-racial family of 10 kids.  His deceased wife was the motivator with the huge heart that led to the adoption of Michael’s “brood”.  The overwhelming aspect of parenting 10 children is further complicated by hostage negotiations and nefarious characters.   His family is Michael’s major motivator even as he strives to be a good cop.   The authors successfully portrayed his anger, frustration and satisfaction.   It may be formula writing but much like donuts, I am addicted.

This is entertainment at it’s fastest pace.   The short chapters and action provide a runaway, headlong plunge that makes it darn difficult to put the book down.  

Once again Michael Bennett demonstrates his humanity and passion.   I like the way the author’s show how deeply a man can care for his kids and still depict that same tender hearted father as a butt kicking manly man.  

Bennett is forced to make some interesting choices regarding his lack of a love life.   That too, provided realism and pathos in a story that is chock full of horror and rampant action.  I feel that Patterson and Ledwidge have created a solid series starring Michael Bennett.

I highly recommend it.

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