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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eyes Wide Open by Andrew Gross

 This is a mystery that will put you on edge, particularly if you are old enough to remember the whole Charles Manson saga.  

Jay Erlich has a perfect life.  He is successful and happy.  The superficial gloss is only marred by a dysfunctional family history.   Take a moment and consider your friends.  If you are close to them you are aware that the majority of the people you hold closely have skeletons of some sort in their collective closets.
Almost everyone has a crazy aunt Agnes or a demented cousin Jethro.   Sometimes we try and ignore our family especially if there is a checkered history.  In this story, Jay endeavors to be the good brother and help his down in the mouth, unsavory brother.   Charlie isn’t bad as much as pathetic.   

The death of a family member crushes the survivors together in a tale that will most likely make you feel uncomfortable.   Mental illness is increasingly recognized as the root of many crimes.   Many folks who should be on meds are either not taking them or have never been diagnosed as needing them.

This book makes you think about many things and also grabs your attention and chokes the life out of your indifference.  Many of us have been touched in ways similar to Jay and it makes you wonder who really is watching.

I recommend the book.

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