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Monday, September 12, 2016

Push Back by Bob McDermott

This is a sequel to Under a Telll-Tale Sky: Disruption Book 1.  McDermott did a great job on this follow up and frankly I would like to light a fire under his fanny to get the third book in the trilogy finished.   This is a post-apocalypse book.  The world as we know it came to an end after a massive solar storm blacks out the electronics of the world. 

There are way two many characters to get into specifics unless I want to do a short story myself.  There are bands of survivors, good and bad whose tales are told.   The interaction between the good and bad provide the story line.   McDermott has the ability to craft both lovable and despicable characters.  This book highlights the good guys but the bad guys play their parts.  

A monomaniac president is the root of the institutionalized bad guys.   The only major government opposition is on a Speaker of the House who is on the run from the bad guys.  

As in my previous reviews of McDermott,  this is a great story, a well done book and a thoroughly captivating read. 

I heartily indorse it.
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