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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The God Peak by Patrick Hemstreet

The God Wave  novel seems like it was authentic peek into the future.   Consider the brain operated drones for a moment and how experiments are progressing with the brain operating prosthesis hands.   That book went a large but not inconceivable step forward in the direction of  the main character in the movie Lucy.   The thesis is the mind can be trained into using more of its potential.   The God Peak carries that further with the same cast of characters we met in The God Wave.

Hemstreet'a main characters Matt and Chuck from the first book are almost ancillary to this book, at least Matt is marginalized.   The military industrial complex (there is a phrase that dates me) has been thwarted by the Zetas, Sarah, Mike and Timmy.   Thrown out of their mountain retreat, the military refuses to see that force can not dislodge the mental skills the Zetas command.

Meanwhile Chuck and the rest of the crew have been "rescued" by a secret society of near Zetas   They are pressured to teach their unique skills and eventually to confront their former friends at the god peak formerly headquarters of Deep Shield.

This book is more action and less cerebral than the last.  It still forces one to ponder what unknown skills lie in the unplowed fields of the human brain

I recommend it.

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