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Monday, February 1, 2010

Caught In The Crossfire by David Drake

A selection of short stories that feature Hammer’s Slammers, the most celebrated mercenary tank outfit in military science fiction.

I generally don’t read books of short stories. I always make exceptions for my favorite authors. David Drake always entertains and frequently causes poignant reflection. Military scifi sounds as if it is just a literary rendition of the first person shooter video games. Drake paints characters that are not always likeable but they are almost always memorable. Slick Des Grieux is a tanker that you would love to have in front of you, definitely wouldn’t want behind you and covering your back wouldn’t be an option. However if you want to define the meaning of hell for the opposing forces, his name would be synonymous with the devil. A memorable and highly un-likeable character, Slick is just one of Drake’s creations. .

I recommend the book.

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