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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Innocent by David Baldacci

Baldacci has another new hero, this one is an assassin.   This is a typical never boring cliff hanging, throat grabbing thriller.

Will Robie does his job without a lot of soul searching.   He believes in his government and assumes that the people he is assigned to assassinate deserve it, that they are a threat to national security.  

When Will is thrust into a situation that doesn’t fit his personal mission parameters he is faced with hard choices.   This novel is centered on the ramifications and repercussions of his choices.

The impact of big money on ordinary people and how it changes them is a recurring theme in Baldacci books.    Human interaction under pressure is another Baldacci characteristic.    Showcasing the ability of man overcoming complacency or base nature is one of the things I enjoy about Baldacci’s books. 

Once again Baldacci paints such a vivid picture.  He sets his stage with clarity and depth.   His characters are both larger than life and realistically human forcing you to read long beyond your appointed bed time.

I highly recommend it.

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