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Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

As I mentioned when I reviewed Hunger Games, I almost didn’t read this book because everyone was reading it.   New York Times best sellers often don’t make my cut.   The dystopian world featured in the first book expresses worry that the suppressed rabble may not continue their studied indifference and thus the dictators up the odds on the bread and circus tournament. 

As compelling as I found the first story, I found Catching Fire, even more so.  I struggled to get anything else done.   Collins excels at eliciting empathy for her characters.   Not just he main characters either, she entices you into caring about even minor characters.   I think that is the strength of these books, the superb characterizations.  

The plot continues to evolve as do the characters.  There are necessary reminders that the main protagonist is a 17 year old girl.   The horrific events are successfully counter pointed with the pathos exhibited by the characters. 

This is a three book series, two down and one to go!

I did enjoy the book and I recommend it.

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