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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sanctus by Simon Toyne

This is a first book and considering that, it is an amazing first book.   Toyne crafts a story that combines modern economic concerns, charities, religion and intrigue.  

The story takes place in the fictitious city of Ruin in remote Turkey.   The center piece of the story is the Citadel, a never conquered fortress, continually occupied by a cadre of militant monks.  
Toyne creates a believable city and setting that doesn’t just support his story, it enhances it.   The situation is filled with notable characters who have their own agendas.    There is a certain cynicism exhibited by many of the characters that is off set or perhaps set in counterpoint to the pious fanaticism of the monks.   The courage and persistence of the opposition is laudable due to their goals but practically as fanatical as the monks.   

This was an excellent story and I look forward to it’s sequel. 
I highly recommend it.

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