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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter

This is a compelling story of betrayal.   Bob Lee Swagger was a victor and a victim.  The book was printed in 1993 and the war that violated Bob Lee was the Vietnam war.   The way that many of our troops were treated when they returned from the jungles of South East Asia is a despicable chapter in our country's history. 

PTSD was not even recognized in 1993.   Today one can not turn on the news or read a paper (some of us still do)  and not see some thing about a veteran who has major issues. 
Five Finger Death Punch’s video and song Wrong Side of Heaven should bring you to tears with it's depiction of homeless veterans.  (Go to youtube and watch this video.)  Hunter saw the future in this book.

The plot of this book was sadly believable.  Blackwater was in the news more than once for operations that were questionably  legal.   It is not a stretch to think that private security companies funded by covert money would want to protect themselves with sometimes heinous acts.  All to often the phrase "for the greater good" has been used for self serving purposes.  

RamDyne was consequently believable as a covert funded, illegitimate arm of clandestine warfare.   Federal agencies were not portrayed in a flattering manner by this book.   The friction and "chicken shit" between agencies is still seen today in the various terrorist threats.  

Hunter depicted a part of our nation that exists both in the good and the bad.

This was a, can't wait to see what happens next book.

I highly recommend.

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