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Monday, September 18, 2017

Rogue Justice by John R. Monteith

I think I  have read all of Monteith’s books.  Here are links to some of my previous reviews: Rogue Crusader and then Rogue Avenger  and  Rogue Betrayer.    This book includes the usual suspects and pits them against the  Israelis this time. 

As mercenaries, this group has a positive world ethic.  Pierre is money centric but seems to have a conscience.   Jake still has some anger management issues but is pretty much under control.   Terry is enigmatic in many cases.    Dmitry, the new guy, is working to be a member of the team.   He is fraught with some self doubt. 

The plot as always is complex.  This time diverse elements of the Israeli infrastructure are at odds.   The team is attempting to maintain stability in a highly volatile area.

The technology is always interesting.  The dolphins garnered a slightly larger role in this book.   Personalities and self interest clouding judgment seem all to real. 

 The book read easily and held my interest. 

I recommend the book.

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