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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vicious Circle by Wilbur Smith

This is the first Wilbur Smith book I have read since the Seventh Scroll back in 2004.  Either my memory is failing, entirely possible, or Smith has become fond of graphic violence since then.   This book is focused on retribution of the most severe Old Testament style.

Hector Cross has a military background and solid Black Water type of security connections.  He marries a billionaire and they expect to live happily ever after.   Since that is not a terribly gripping plot, Smith adds a wealth of violence and perversion.  

Cross finds himself searching for elusive killers and battling personal loss.   The book has intricate twists and turns but at times I struggled with the detailed and gruesome violence and perversion.

The action grabs you and if you have a strong stomach you will enjoy the book.

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