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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rogue Invader by John R. Monteith

Once again John Monteith has cast a story touching on current events.    The characters are suffering some pangs of conscience with this mission.   They are finding that their role as mercenaries is far more complex than they originally though.   Economic issues in the European Union and Greece’s financial difficulties provide the connection to current events.

Jake Slade and Terry are now joined by another leader, one who was an adversary in a previous book. Volkov’s demeanor is colored by a dark depression that seems characteristic of Russian characters.  After events in the last book, he is fighting with a drop in self confidence.

Monteith’s background brings the taste of realism to what might otherwise be seen as flights of fantasy.   Knowing that his underpinnings provide him with a uniquely realistic experience for this type of book makes readingi t much more enjoyable.

This was an exciting book and I recommend it.

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